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Anthony M.

Landmark Group has been a perfect fit for our organization. I only wish I began using LMG before we selected our design and contractor team for a difficult, tight schedule project we built in California some time ago. It would have made the architect selection even better and perhaps more competitive. Landmark Group bring a level of knowledge, team building and product delivery that raises the bar in Construction Management. We have built 3 large projects with Landmark in AZ, NV and TX. One project was seriously off schedule. Landmark Group within two weeks had a clear plan for recovery, executed it and delivered on time.

Kevin M.

Our company has a diverse portfolio with facilities all across North America. After the 2008 downturn, we at CWT needed to drill down and review our operational costs. Landmark Group introduced us to centralized construction management, bundled billing and Owner direct construction projects. Landmark Group have realized savings for us quarterly every year since coming on board. I highly recommend their team to all my professional colleagues.